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Change your thinking,
Not your oil.

Now it is an established fact that if oil in the tank of a hydraulic machine is always kept super clean (cleanliness level NAS 6 or ISO 15/12) and free from moisture, the life of the hydraulic machine and its critical parts can be increased 8 to 10 times.

Scientists and lubrication experts throughout the world agree that oil can be used indefinitely, as long as it is kept clean. The same oil can be continued for years together resulting in significant saving of this scarce natural resource.

Klarol oil cleaning system keeps the oil super clean and free from moisture. In this way it helps in achieving these objectives easily and economically, resulting in

  • Enhanced machine life
  • Reduced maintainence costs
  • Increase in oil life indefinitely, resulting in no more change of oil
  • Increased efficiency of the machine
  • Reduced oil leakages
  • Reduced waste oil generation
  • Less energy consumption
  • Klarol serves the social cause - oil is a gift from nature, lets conserve oil
What is Klarol ?

Klarol is an oil purifying equipment capable of removing solid, liquid and gaseous contamination from any oil. Klarol can be used in various configurations and applications with machines using hydraulic oils, engine oils, compressor oils, gear oils, transformer oils, turbine oils, transmission oils, industrial oils and synthetic oils.

Depending on the capacity and configuration of your oil tanks, we can customise the Klarol oil cleaning systems to serve your needs.

Removal of solid contaminants upto 1 micron, complete removal of liquid contaminants like diesel and moisture, keep the oil at an unbelievable NAS value of 5-6 better than new oil. (New oil is at NAS 10).

Why should we use it ? Who should use it ?
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